Services We Offer

Business Information and Credit Report, Credit Bureau
This is the flag-ship of our services within and outside Nigeria which involves ascribing Credit Advice.

  • Our credit advice gives an instant view of the level of risk associated with an organization for those who intend to partner or do business with them.
  • It also provides an indication to when a creditor expects to be paid and also indicate the credit limit, which could/can be set /given.
  • We equally give insight to credit history of the borrowers and customer-based- information among other benefits.
  • We provide relevant information on the borrower’s history-back ground check-and performance for loan application for the purpose of decision making and more effective risk management and allow for risk based pricing.
  • As member of international bodies for credit rating agencies, we also provide Credit Report on any Nigerian companies/individual within few days at a reasonable cost.

Customer Due Diligence, Verification, And Confirmation Report:
We provide detailed third-party verification of companies and individual profiles. This is done to authenticate information/documents provided.

For individuals:

  • Date Of Birth/Declaration Of Age/Birth Certificate
  • Bank Statement
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Children Birth Certificate (If Married With Kids) And Other Valid Documents etc.

For companies:

  • Registration Details At Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
  • Articles And Memorandum Of Association
  • Confirmation Of Bank Statement (s) Bank Relationship
  • Business location
  • Visit to Other Branches(if any)
  • Company’s Auditing And Account Management
  • Company’s Association, Subsidiaries(any)
  • Business Trade Letter (etc)

Background check on� Individuals/Corporate Directors;
This is done in order to provide adequate information on important personalities (politically exposed persons peps) and corporate directors (Financially Exposed persons Feps) in Nigeria to clients court cases (if any).

Employees/documents verification
This is a way of finding out the authenticity of information supplied by employees at the time of employment. It involves the verification of:

  • Employee’s Record
  • Schools Attended With Dates and Certificates Obtained
  • Year Of Services/Location/State (NYSC)
  • Employee’s Residence
  • Confirmation Of Guarantors
  • Ascertain Marital Status/Change Of Name-(if any)
  • Employment History

Recruitment/Outsourcing/Contract Staffing Consulting
Here, we take responsibility in recruiting employees for individual companies and Corporate bodies in Nigeria. Our recruitment services embrace all categories of workers ranging from domestic to corporate workers; we provide employees by:
Sourcing from our database
Advertising in the national newspapers without disclosing our client’s identity

Market Survey/Product Analysis:
This is to ascertain if products/services are getting desired response.
we review the general performance of either a new product or existing one(s) to further determine the ability of a product to survive in the market.

This includes: 
The use of a well-structured questionnaire
Thorough research by our research executives
Opinion sampling of the target market /audience

Fagbadex Marketing Services have been developed to provide business marketers with the most comprehensive, descriptive and up-to-date information source on the Nigerian 4.8 million strong business community. With Fagbadex ‘s wealth of financial and commercial risk management information and our Marketing database, we can equip marketers with the fullest, most accurate picture of both their current and potential business customers.
In order to avoid reputational loss, financial loss, decision taken under uncertainty and legal risk to mention a few we hereby wish to offer your organization our priceless solution and impeccable service delivery in the areas of:

  • Business Information and Credit Report
  • Credit Bureau/Customers Address Verification,
  • Due Diligence and Confirmation Reports
  • Background Check on Individuals/Corporate Directors
  • Employees/Document Verification
  • Market Survey/Product Analysis
  • Recruitment/Outsourcing
  • Contract staffing and Consulting

Risk Management
Effective credit risk management is dependent upon access to a comprehensive and detailed range of up-to-date, accurate and predictive information. As an established and leading provider of business information, Fagbadex can offer businesses the range, depth and quality of information necessary for successful credit risk management.

Know your customers and business partners to reduce trade Risk!

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