Constant Contact With Corporate Nigeria

In-depth involvement with the broad spectrum of the information technology value chain. We have executed more than 5000 assignments for manufacturers, suppliers, financial institutions and others in the services sector, government agencies, and public Corporations.

Fagbadex Global Services Limited is strong market presence derives from her cosmopolitan outlook, rigorous research methods and above all a powerful synergy between strategy and multidisciplinary expertise. On the strength of this ,we are frequently chosen by international agencies to conduct intelligent verification of claims and independent assessments, which then serve as industry references. Our experience in the analysis of market trends in diverse business sector has placed us in a unique position among competitors. With diverse clients based locally and abroad, we have the domestic and international credentials.

High-Quality Team and Methods:

At Fagbadex Global Services Limited, field operators, researchers, and analysts are all familiar with primary/secondary information sources in the various sectors through contact with key players in the sectors concerned. We can create the relevant and quantitative and qualitative information using assessment tools chosen specially to meet the needs of a given assignment.

Network of Contacts with major players:

We have established numerous contacts and developed relationship of trust with most of the private and public-sectors organization, Industrial Corporation and service companies. Thanks to our high caliber and versatile industrial, academic and consulting partners whose is complementary to ours. We collaborate with these highly specialized ad-hoc teams when we execute complex assignments.