Fagbadex Marketing Support Services provides businesses with the most comprehensive, descriptive and up-to-date information on Nigeria’s 180million people economy. With Fagbadex’s wealth of financial and commercial risk management information and our Marketing database, we equip marketers with a robust, most accurate picture of both their current and potential customers and market through product analysis & market surveys.

Our Service range

In order to avoid reputational loss, financial loss, decisions taken under uncertainty and legal risk to mention a few, we hereby wish to offer your organization our priceless solutions and impeccable service delivery in the areas of:

  • Business Information and Credit Report (on Nigeria company)
  • Business Information and Credit Report (on Overseas partners)
  • Background Check on employees
  • Compliance and Due diligence
  • Employees/Document Verification
  • CAC Search
  • Marketing and HR Support Services etc.